Privacy Policy

This is privacy policy.

Our editorial strategy and the way we use personal data are both guided by our ideals.

Your personal information is extremely important to us.

This dedication is present throughout the whole lifecycle of your data, from the conception of any service that makes use of personal data through its erasure.

This policy also includes specific information privacy rights provided to persons, which complements our global approach to privacy protection.

This is a reflection of our interaction with readers in the regions where we offer locally tailored versions of our editorial content.

Below, you can discover information on how we utilize personal data and how we carefully consider it.

About this privacy policy

This privacy statement describes how we obtain, use, disclose, transfer, and sell (to California residents only) your personal information when you interact with us or use the services offered on our websites and mobile applications.

Your data privacy rights are also described in this privacy statement.

Subscriptions, gift cards, and contributions fall under this.

Any information about you that can be used to identify or locate you are considered personal data.

Your name, date of birth, gender, email address, postal address, phone number, mobile number, and financial information, such as payment cards you use to buy goods or subscriptions or support our journalism, can all be included in this.

It can also include information about your device (like the IP address, which is a numeric code that identifies your device and can provide information about it, for example).

The types of personal data we collect about you

When you use our sites and applications, subscribe to our offerings, support us, or otherwise connect with us, we may gather personal information about you.

We will only gather your personal information if it is permitted by law.

We may gather your personal information in the following ways:

directly from you, such as when you use our apps, sign up for our services, or buy something from us.

sensitive information we collect about you, such as your IP address or your preferences, or personal information we use to verify your identity

personal information we obtain from third parties, such as personal information that assists us in preventing fraud or that we obtain with your consent when you engage

Personal data we generate about you

We give you a special ID number when you sign up for a speed News account or a newsletter.

This enables us to manage your preferences, such as the subscriptions you have made to newsletters.

To identify you when you sign in to our services, we use the unique ID you create when you create an account.

We may also use similar technology, such as cookies, to gather additional information about your use of our sites or apps, such as:

Your IP address can be used to determine the latitude, longitude, altitude, and direction of travel of your device as well as its GPS location. It is a numerical code that uniquely identifies your device along with the nation, region, or city where you are based.

Using your social media details to sign in to your account

By using your Facebook login information to use our websites or applications, you authorize Facebook to provide us access to your email address and any other information on your Facebook profile that you have chosen to make public.

Just your first and last name, age range, a link to your Facebook profile, and your profile photo are listed here.

Your Facebook profile’s updates are not accessible to us.

You authorize Google to share the personal information you have made public in your Google profile if you use your Google login credentials.

Your first and surname name, your email address, if it has been validated, your age range, and a link to your Google profile is the only information provided.

Personal data when you post comments about on other social media sites

We may gather your social media usernames if you have cited the in posts on those platforms.

We might gather your Twitter handle, for instance, if you tweet about

If you publicly (comment) on one of our websites

Your username and other personal information that you submit on a discussion board or in a public comment on an item on one of our sites become publicly available.

Other people can view and gather this personal information online. We have no control over how these third parties utilize your personal information.

We strongly advise you not to share any personal information when participating in a debate, especially information that could be used to identify you.

How we use your data

We only utilize the personal information gathered through our websites and applications when we have a legitimate reason and legal justification for doing so.

Based on the reasons we collected your personal information, we decide on the legal justifications.

Justifications for using your data legally

One of the following may serve as the legal foundation:

Consent: We frequently use your personal information after requesting your approval, which you can revoke at any moment.

When we have requested your permission, some instances where we might ask for it include: when we want to send you marketing communications. By clicking the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any email, you can revoke your consent to receive them at any time.

Compliance with law

We may occasionally be required by law to use or retain your personal information.

Our proper interests are: When processing your data is required for our legitimate purposes, we may do so consistently with how the speed news is conducted and without materially affecting your rights and freedoms.

For instance, it is in our legitimate interests to comprehend our readers, advertise our services, and run our websites and apps effectively so that news, media, and associated journalistic content can be produced, published, and distributed both online and in print, all over the world.

We may use your personal information where it is in our legitimate interests, such as when we examine what material has received the most

Updating your data and your profile page on our sites

Creating an account on speed news. epizy .com gives you access to a profile page.

You can examine and change the information that is made available to the public when you comment on our articles.

In your account’s “emails and marketing” area, you may also modify your marketing choices.

Personal information about you that we obtain from other organizations

Security Of Your Personal Data

We have put in place the necessary organizational and technical safeguards to protect your personal information from misuse and against accidental loss, alteration, or destruction.

When we ask you to create a password so that you can access particular areas of our websites or apps, you are in charge of selecting a secure password.

This password should be kept private, and you should pick a password tou don’t use on any other website

Your password should not be disclosed to anybody, not even someone who works with us. Unfortunately, transferring anything over the internet, including personal information, is not entirely secure.

You submit personal information to our website at your own risk because we are unable to guarantee its security while it is in transit.

How long we keep your data

Your personal information is only retained for as long as necessary.

Depending on how we plan to use your personal information, as outlined in this privacy statement, we may require it for a while.

To respond to your inquiries about a product or service, for instance, we might need to use it. As a result, we might keep personal data while you continue to use our products or services.

In some cases, such as those where you have purchased a subscription, we may additionally need to preserve your personal information for accounting reasons.

If we no longer require your data, we will either destroy it or anonymize it by eliminating any information that might be used to identify you. If you permitted us to use your personal information after we asked for it,

How we may contact you

We may occasionally send you service emails, for example, informing you that your subscription is about to expire or expressing our gratitude when you make a donation or place an order with us.

editorial newsletters and marketing messages

We may send you information we believe you might find interesting if we have your consent or if you have not opted out.

This could be done via email, phone, SMS, or mail, depending on your marketing preferences.

Several editorial newsletters are available from us. When it is into your account, your profile page will allow you to manage your subscription to these emails.

You will be able to “unsubscribe” from receiving these emails at any time by clicking a link in the message.

Cookies and similar technologies

We may automatically gather personal information about you when you use our apps or browse our websites using technology like cookies.

This privacy statement also includes our cookie policy, which contains additional details about how we use cookies.

Your rights to privacy and data protection concerning any personal information we may have about you.

You have a variety of rights in connection to the personal information we hold about you, and you can get in touch with us concerning the following rights:

You are entitled to a copy of the personal information we currently have on file for you.

You have the right to update the personal information that we have about you.