6 Ways SEO Pros Are Using ChatGPT Right Now

6 Ways SEO Pros Are Using ChatGPT Right Now

Search engine optimization could be revolutionized by a new chatbot driven by AI.

Here are a few examples of its current applications. 

A new player has entered the field of search engines. 

You’ve probably heard this before, but this time is different. 

ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a significant language learning model. 

It may converse with people in a conversational fashion using artificial intelligence (AI) and vast amounts of data, responding to follow-up inquiries, admitting errors, declining unsuitable requests, and even refuting false premises. 

While not specifically a Google competitor, this OpenAI chatbot is altering the way searches are conducted. 

And this will fundamentally change how search engine optimization is done. 

This article will examine this technology and go over creative, forward-thinking methods.

What Are The Uses Of ChatGPT? 

The potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence in SEO and marketing is still being explored. 

ChatGPT can participate in conversations and respond to inquiries in a way that closely resembles that of a human. 

It can produce fiction, poetry, essays, and even ad copy, which is enough to worry experienced writers like myself. 

The New York City Department of Education has already prohibited its use due to concerns about cheating because it can be used to create information that is precise enough. 

ChatGPT is intelligent enough to be used for writing meta descriptions and debugging code in addition to content. 

This may sound a little terrifying to an SEO expert. 

However, it would be wise to embrace AI technology rather than be concerned about it. 

There are various ways you can use it to organize your work and increase the effectiveness of repetitive or redundant jobs. 

Let’s examine how modern SEO experts are already utilizing ChatGPT.

How SEO Experts Are Utilizing ChatGPT Already 

  1. Producing Content 

If you don’t have a talented (and modest) writer like me on staff, producing material can be a nuisance. 

Can ChatGPT carry this out for you? 

It can, but you should generally steer clear of using it to compose blog entries and web pages. 

John Mueller, the Google Search Advocate, stated unequivocally in 2022 that the search engine considers artificial intelligence-generated content to be spam and a breach of the company’s rules. 

Even content that uses anti-detection algorithms can currently be identified by Google algorithms and penalized. 

When using AI, human monitoring should always be used. 

However, anyone can use ChatGPT to produce content for social media in a secure manner.

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2. Keyword Research And Evaluation 

Okay, so you don’t want to run the danger of being prosecuted for using ChatGPT for content creation. 

That doesn’t mean your content strategy can’t take advantage of its strength. 

Researching keywords is practically trivial using ChatGPT. 

Simply launch the chatbot, enter a couple of your desired keywords, and request related ones. Based on its knowledge of the search results, ChatGPT will generate a list of relevant terms. 

I conducted a keyword search for a banking software vendor to test out this feature. 

Soon after, the chatbot gave me a list of words and phrases that would have taken me far longer to come up with via manual research

3. Creating A Content Strategy 

I’ll confess it—this one completely shocked me. 

If I hadn’t seen this tweet from Joe Speiser, I never would have considered it. 

That’s accurate.

You can request that ChatGPT create an overview of your content marketing plan. 

Although you could presumably ask for them, it doesn’t return granular plans but does provide a high-level set of approaches for content about a given field. 

One caution regarding the use of a chatbot-created content strategy is the worry that your direct rivals might follow suit. 

As a result, you’re all writing blog posts that are essentially identical about “the advantages of AI,” “how AI SaaS may increase productivity,” etc.

4. Improved Knowledge Of Search Intent 

This capacity of ChatGPT to delve deeper into the search query and look past the words to the search intent is, in my opinion, its most intriguing SEO-related potential. 

Yes, Google tries to accomplish this, and yes, it has significantly improved throughout the search engine’s existence, but to paraphrase Keiran Flanagan in a tweet, “Google takes your question and attempts to answer it. Your query is taken by ChatGPT, which frequently improves it. 

Although the beta version of this chatbot isn’t yet online, it appears that its learning capacity will enable it to gain a far deeper knowledge of the goals of each search. sometimes even giving the searcher information

5. Creating Effective SEO Titles 

Any writer will tell you that titles are among the hardest things to write, especially for SEO purposes.

They frequently become dry topics like “How To Build Backlinks” or some other uninteresting equivalent. 

I requested ChatGPT to provide me with a selection of titles for a page on backlinking to spice things up, and it gave me ten alternatives, all of which were more intriguing than my “how to” line.

6. Writing And Organizing Analytics Reports 

Spreadsheets and reports are the banes of many marketers’ working existence. 

Companies, however, demand data to demonstrate the impact of their work. 

That’s where ChatGPT can change the game. 

Additionally, you may be able to find fresh ranking opportunities that you would have overlooked with the use of this functionality. 

Imagine you don’t have much programming experience but you need to create regular expressions for analytics reporting. 

For instance, you might wish to use certain words to filter a report to find more room for your FAQs or how-tos. 

Anyone who has a working understanding of these expressions can utilize ChatGPT to use the chatbot to automatically produce a list. 

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ChatGPT is amazing, and all indications are that it will continue to improve. 

It demonstrates the potential for search engine optimization to become significantly faster and more effective.

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