Free SEO Tools To Help You Dominate Your Competition As A Beginner SEO

Free SEO Tools To Help You Dominate Your Competition As A Beginner SEO

Consider these free SEO tools to help you advance from SEO novice to expert. 

Your website might benefit from performance enhancements, but you’re not sure where to start. 

Do you want to raise your search engine rankings but are still learning the necessary SEO skills? 

You likely already know that you require a sophisticated set of SEO tools to go from beginner to SEO expert. 

You can get assistance from Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT) with a variety of Seo techniques, including keyword research, On-page SEO, and Link building. 

In addition 

AWT has all of Google Webmaster Tools’ functionality without its challenging learning curve. 

So, Ahrefs has you covered if you’re seeking free SEO tools that are suitable for beginners. 

The functional gaps left by Google Search Console (GSC) are filled by Ahrefs. 

GSC only offers a small portion of the data from your website, however, AWT gives you a complete perspective. 

Are you prepared to increase website optimization to increase traffic and conversions? 

You can now benefit from high-quality SEO tools without making a significant investment. 

To assist you in getting started, we’ve broken down the features and advantages of Ahrefs Webmaster Tools below.

Quickly Discover Your Website’s Technical & On-Page SEO Issues with Ahrefs Webmaster Tools 

Included are free SEO tools: Report on Indexability, Report on Internal Pages, and Link Analysis. 

Report on Content.

It’s vital to periodically evaluate and track the success of your website when running a small business. 

Additionally, you can learn why your website isn’t showing up in search results without having to shell out money for an expensive SEO tool. 

In actuality, Ahrefs’ Webmaster Tools give you a free, in-depth review of your website. 

You’ll receive an overall health score for your site after the program has crawled every page, which not only identifies any potential SEO problems but also offers extensive guidance on how to resolve them.

With the help of this thorough website audit, you may look for more than 100 faults that have been pre-categorized into the following types: 

HTML Tags, Performance, Social tagging, Content Quality, Localization, Incoming Links, Outgoing Links, Resources, External Pages, and More! 

On the other side, Google Search Console merely keeps an eye on a small number of problems and offers very few recommendations for how to fix each one. 

You may manage various data points and make custom filters based on a variety of characteristics with Ahrefs’ Data Explorer.

On the other side, Google Search Console merely keeps an eye on a small number of problems and offers very few recommendations for how to fix each one. 

You may manage various data points and make custom filters based on a variety of characteristics with Ahrefs’ Data Explorer. 

With the help of this tool, you can also see all the information about a certain URL on your website, including incoming and outgoing links, pagination, duplicates, and resources. 

Even scheduling automatic crawls for your projects and keeping track of your progress are made simple by AWT. 

In addition, by crawling your website’s mobile version, you can keep up with Google’s implementation of mobile-first indexing.

Indexability Report

Users of AWT have access to a comprehensive Indexability assessment of their website. 

The information on your website must be indexed for Google to find it and give it a ranking in search results. 

Indexing is the process through which search engines arrange data depending on a website’s contents. 

It’s an important report because pages that aren’t indexed are invisible to search engines and are unable to generate any search traffic. 

This report will inform you if there are any canonicalization problems or improperly inserted “no index” tags.

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Internal Pages Report

4XX or 5XX response codes are among the most unpleasant things a visitor might encounter while browsing a website (such as the 404 code for non-existing pages). 

You can find any broken pages on your website with the help of Ahrefs’ Webmaster Tools’ Internal Pages report. 

The number of referring domains to such pages can then be shown by adding a column to the report. 

Additionally, this study draws attention to websites that use the HTTP protocol rather than HTTPS, which has an impact on Google ranks as a result of Page Experience signals.

Links Report

The Links report in AWT displays any link problems on your website, such as Abandoned pages, stale pages, and Pages with broken external page links.

Content Report

Optimizing your content is crucial if you want your brand to rank highly on search engine results pages (SERPs), and Ahrefs’ Webmaster Tools will help you stay on top of items that would typically slip between the cracks. 

Visit the Content report to find on-page optimization opportunities that are almost free. 

Some problems, including title tag flaws, may directly impair your ability to rank. 

To see the difference this site auditing service can make for your website, sign up for Ahrefs Webmaster Tools.

Three effective SEO tools in a single, user-friendly interface: Ahrefs’ Site Explorer Suite 

Membership includes the following SEO tools: 

Traffic from organic search, Profile of backlinks, Paying Traffic.

Competitive analysis is a process that website owners may find challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. 

What if a thorough research platform integrated the strength of three different SEO tools? 

The best research tool for small firms trying to edge out the competition is Site Explorer. 

For any website or URL, you receive a thorough report in the following categories:

Organic Traffic Analysis 

It can be useful to see how other websites in your sector are performing if you’re looking for keyword suggestions to boost your website’s rating in search results. 

Research on organic traffic is needed in this situation. 

You may more effectively design your approach by learning which keywords your competitors are ranking for, as well as which terms and sites contribute the majority of their search engine traffic. 

Ahrefs makes it easy to examine the search volumes of competing websites in your sector and modify the content of your pages accordingly. 

Simply input the website of one of your competitors and examine the “Organic Search” area of the reports in Site Explorer. 

“Ahrefs monitors more than 150 million keywords alone in the US, plus more for more than 150 countries.

Backlink Checker

You can examine the backlink profile of any specific website using Backlink Checker Site Explorer. 

Links are still one of the most important ranking factors for the majority of search engines, therefore if you want your site to rank highly in SERPs, make sure your backlink profile is diverse. 

A backlink profile: what is it? 

The overall number of links connecting to a website as well as the caliber, authority, and relevancy of the referring domains make up a website’s backlink profile. 

Do you intend to launch a link-building strategy for your small company? 

Utilize Ahrefs’ Site Explorer to assess the profiles of your rivals and determine how you compare. 

You can access the “Backlink Profile” part of the tool by navigating there.

Paid Traffic Analysis 

You need to make wiser decisions regarding the sponsored traffic sources you use as digitalization grows more and more competitive. 

Knowing where your rivals are sending their bought visitors might be useful when developing your search advertising strategy. 

And Site Explorer steps in to help with that. 

Ahrefs enables you to learn which keywords your rivals are bidding on and whether they are purchasing PPC advertisements. 

You have access to the following in the Site Explorer reports’ “Paid Search” section:

PPC Keywords: 

A list of the search terms for which your rivals are running ads. 

Top Landing Pages: 

Check which of their website’s pages are receiving visitors from PPC advertisements. 

View the advertisements that are displayed when you type in the URL of competitors. 

Are you prepared to have access to the crucial information required for online success? 

Become a member of Ahrefs Webmaster Tools right away to learn how Site Explorer may provide your company with a competitive advantage.

Webmaster Tools from Ahrefs can help you advance your SEO strategy. 

With AWT, you may analyze SEO data to determine the value of your website and make the required changes to raise your ranks. 

Ahrefs gives you a complete overview of your site’s traffic trends and allows you to peek past Google Search Console’s 16-month organic traffic limit. 

This can assist you in identifying traffic declines that may have corresponded with Google’s core modifications and ensure that your website is constantly by the most recent search engine guidelines. 

Additionally, you may monitor the speed at which you’re accumulating keywords and backlinks and evaluate the caliber of your own and your competitors’ backlinks. 

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