How To Create A Vision Board

How To Create A Vision Board

Even if you don’t enjoy working out or eating well, the benefits of increased longevity and increased energy (as well as a host of other health advantages) should be enough to convince you to continue. 

Similar to the previous point, personal growth activities can also seem dull, but they’re usually worthwhile for a happy you and a healthy brain. 

How To Create A Vision Board

Vision boards, on the other hand, are a mental health technique that frequently seems personally fulfilling, even similar to an artistic endeavor (but, you know, with far more brain-building benefits). 

On the mindbodygreen podcast, neuroscientist and author of The Source Tara Swart, M.D., Ph.D., shows how this simple change can increase the effectiveness of any vision board.

How vision boards work

A vision board is a collection of pictures, sayings, and other items that serve as visual representations of your goals. It is based on the laws of the law of attraction. 

A vision board can be created using magazine and photo cutouts, or for less waste, you can choose to create one digitally and print it out. 

This story breaks down the procedure, but here is a summary:

Make your intention obvious

What do I want to invite or manifest into my life? is a good place to start. It can be something concrete (perhaps your objective is to purchase a home), a personality quality (such as optimism or motivation), etc. 

Focus on your pictures and things

Once you’ve decided how you want to use your vision board, you can start focusing on the pictures and items that best symbolize your objectives. 

These may be pictures or magazine clippings—really anything that speaks to you. 

Begin Planning 

The enjoyable part is now! Start organizing and rearranging the photographs you have gathered on your board. Change things about till you find it inspiring to look at. 

It’s preferable to wait until you have your layout before applying any adhesive.

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Why they function

We are inundated with information, claims Swart. 

As she continues, “This has long been the case, but if you read a copy of the New York Times now, you would get as much information from that one newspaper as someone would get in their entire career 100 years ago, and even then, they were overly assaulted with information.” 

Your brain can sort through this data and focus on the precise thing you desire with the aid of vision boards. 

Your brain has a built-in filter that keeps you from noticing things that aren’t important for your survival, but in today’s world, you might need to pay more attention to such stimuli. 

Selective attention, as described by Swart, is the following mechanism.

And finally, value tagging

According to Swart, the brain accomplishes this in two different ways, including a logically cold and an emotionally warm one.
The logical labeling includes your daily essentials, but the emotional tagging includes more sentimental items (such as those on your vision board). 

You can prime your brain to not just detect but also seize opportunities that will get you closer to your goals by regularly exposing it to certain images, according to her. 

Because I don’t think you can build a fantasy image and then sit at home and wait for it to come true, she continues, “that’s why I call vision boards ‘action boards’.” “I think you should be out there meeting people, dating, or anything.”

A technique to increase their potency

One simple trick, though, can significantly increase the power of your vision board: Check it out just before bed. 

The final item you look at during the day imprints on your mind more strongly than anything else, according to a psychological phenomenon known as the Tetris effect1, says Swart. 

So that I can view it both in the morning and at night, I keep my physical activity board next to my bed. 

The hypnopompic and hypnagogic stages begin when the body switches from a sleep to a waking state (or the other way around). 

They are phases when, according to Swart, “our subconscious is highly sensitive to suggestion.” 


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