Let us begin by identifying the reason (s) for such crackdowns and who is to be held responsible, may be accountable for the recent Israeli-Palestine attacks and counter attacks

Before thousands of worshippers assembled at Islam’s third-holiest site on the final Friday of Ramadan, the Israeli government has since requested the forceful relocation/evacuation of Palestinians from their ancestral home at Sheikh Jarrah due to legal challenge by Nahalat Shimoh settler organization, an organization founded to house poor Yemenite, Sephardi and Ashkenaji Jews after WWII. This is/was however the reason many stayed on to protest against Israeli’s planned eviction of Palestinian families from their homes on land claimed by Jewish settlers in SHEIKH JARRAH neighborhood of East Jerusalem. Another reason for the conflict is the refusal of the state of Israel to leave the Al-aqsa mosque as requested by Hamas. These and more culminated into another backlash of conflict that has lasted for days already.

Under international law, East Jerusalem is an occupied land in which International Humanitarian Law applies, with Jews as the occupiers.

The UN’s human right office spoke person, Rupert Colville said “given the disturbing scenes in Sheikh Jarrah over the past few days, we wish to emphasize that East Jerusalem remains part of the occupied Palestinian territory, in which international humanitarian law applies,” he continued by saying “The occupying power … cannot confiscate private property in occupied territory.” International law is clear and legible enough and does not require the wise to interpret just like natural laws and justice. It is not that nations do not understand the contents of international law, the failure to respect international law is carried out with full impunity and consciousness, to either undermine the legitimacy of such institutions.

Imagine what Zionism has done to Judaism. Imagine what Judaism is becoming.

Individuals and nations alike shouldn’t overlook the roles played by Hamas in this conflict, it however has right to stand against the continuous occupation of its ancestral land-although they are seen as threat to the state of Israel and has since been labeled a terror group by the United States. However, this is a legitimate body that won elections in Palestine, but because the largely north doesn’t respect democracy, they did undermine such outcome. Enough has been said about elections-Palestinians reserve the right to liberate themselves through any means whether violently or through other means. The sad story is that, Palestinian liberalization organization has failed to liberate the people. Hamas who won the 2006 election is so much hated because they do not dance to the tunes of mahmud Abbas and the dictates of the US.

If the current Israeli state is somewhere in Africa today, such location would be labeled the historical Jewish land (Judea and Samaria). Thank God it is non-existent on the African soil..

We currently have the state of Israel and not the Jewish state of Israel, and whether it is secular or not, is rather up for debate, as it is apparent that some traditional Jews are seeking to establish the Jewish state as presented to them in the Bible, propagated by ultra orthodox Jews. In the 1993 Oslo accord, the state of Israel was recognized by the PLO, whose aim was to bring liberation to the people of Palestine and not to help in sustaining the status quo, Israel in turn promised to ensure Palestine’s independence within five years.

The creation of the Israeli state was a product of political activism and activities-and only the former and the later process can bring statehood and lasting peace to Palestinians and not those who in the 21st century await supernatural intervention on behalf of the people of Palestine.


The quest for an independent Jewish state was triggered aftermath the humiliations Jews faced in the hands of Nazi Germany in the WWII. Palestinians weren’t complicit in that war, Palestinians weren’t the sonderkommandos who assisted the Germans in carrying out its systematic alienation of the Jews. People who enjoy images coming out of Gaza and East Jerusalem should never utter the name Nelson Mandela if you support such atrocities, not even Bob Marley should you mention. You have no right to those names; it’s a show of shame.

Those who hate to see others free really do not deserve freedom; otherwise you put others in trouble.

Temple mount is a place where UNICEF has said the Israeli army has no right to intervene and that it is such interventions that causes crisis…while having in mind that such land is occupied by Israel. China, Tunisia, Norway Turkey are all calling for the UN security council emergency meeting to discuss the indiscriminate Israeli bombardment of civilians, but the US is the one against it (the defender of democracy or utopia). The world is defenselessly and apparently anarchical and it is only those with superior might that map boarders and nothing but proportionate force can save you from your enemies in the current world order.

Before the League of Nations collapsed, Nations chanted slogans of disengagement. Most however successfully left the league before 1945, in pursuant of individual National interests across board. It is since obvious that the United Nations is a gigantic cooperative controlled by the five permanent Security Council Members on behalf of the general Assembly, that’s only good at making laws for those five powerful members to implement in the manner they so desire. The weaker Nations are only a part of the United Nations-there to justify it’s existence and not to balance power.

One nation (United States) or the Security Council (US, Russia, France, UK and China) cannot and shouldn’t restrict the activities of [190] nations at the United Nations-using the fancy name, [Diplomacy], while it is most obvious that diplomacy has failed.

It is noteworthy to note that Israel isn’t in a conventional warfare; it is in a battle with a non-state actor (an asymmetric warfare) examples are (ISIL/ISIS, even Boko-Haram). And civilians are the major sufferers of the continuous Israeli barrage and bombardments, justified with the term ‘safe haven’ given by the civilians to this group.

Do you really think Hamas fires its rockets amidst civilians?

Israel has failed to respect UN’s 1967 redline, it is still occupying Palestinian land, according to the UN. Has shown disregard for all treaties signed with the PLO with US as the arbitrator. It has kept interfering in the temple mount activities against the suggestions of UNICEF.

And you somehow still think Hamas is to be blamed for escalations between the independent state of Israel and the dependent state of Palestine that’s reliant on Israel for Power, security, Transportation, immigration and dependence?

In the 21st century when we have people who basically feed by criticizing movies (film critics) scientific fictions, nuclear, astronomers, digital art, solar powered planes, virtual currencies, virtual arena, digital economies, artificial intelligence, E-commerce, life extending and life changing technologies, internet, power and computers-in a world where history is consolidated, sometimes intelligently manipulated and consciously suppressed.

In a world where organized private sectors (OPSs) and informal market exist in the same entity without overlaps, with governments, with different arms (the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary) all in the same entity with overlapping responsibilities (sometimes conflictual, sometimes cordial).

The world is moving and some buffoons are trying to pull us back. (Let the persecution of people by stronger people end).

Let Israel respect the United Nations 1967 lines.

Let India, Pakistan and china respect and give statehood to the people of Kashmir.

Let Myanmar learn to respect the lives of its fellow countrymen (Muslims).

Let the Muslims in Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and even North Eastern Nigeria respect the right of Christians to live in peace in their ancestral lands.

Does the quest for a Jewish home land justify the creation of the state of Israel?

Many races and ethnic groups around the world, from the Barber of North Africa, the Kurds in Asia, Ambazonia in Cameroon and the Igbo in Nigeria have all suffered crackdowns from state machineries, respectively. Just like the Jew, the Igbo in Nigeria suffered state sponsored pogrom in 1967 that led to the death of over two million of its bribe men and woman. The call for sovereign states by these groups is said to be justified, going by the reasons for the creation of the independent state of Israel.

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