As the Taliban once again seized political power in Afghanistan, President Joe Biden has been bombarded by critics, especially from right wing politicians in the United States of America-and as the process of evacuating civilians and military men lingers, so does the criticism. But this article is rather about the President of the US and the reactions that trailed his victory.

Pres. Joe Biden

Behold-right beside me, a newspaper reader addressed  President Joe Biden as “A Muslim”.

I must have said something unappealing which ensued a conversation; this was however terminated by myself.

All I said was, Vice President Joe Biden will be a better President to President Donald Trump.

He muffled. Next he said was… “Joe Biden-that Muslim”?

The bulwarks are again, about going all out-echoing the same conspiracies that trailed the Obama presidency for the assertive eight (8) years that he reigned in the oval office as the 44th president of the United States of America. With nonsensics such as 666 and rapture times…President Obama as the evil Elephant in the house, who was out to make every man and woman gay or lesbian, queer or homosexual.

Truth is, whether you are cisgender or not, straight or gay, heterosexual, bisexual or unisexual-I sincerely do not give a bleep. Beyond and above my individual sentiments, this is basically what being liberal in the 21st century denotes…as a liberal, you do not denounce no deny the values, believes and personal hedonism of others due to the ego or super ego that your own practices have instilled in you.

Your believes, your thoughts and practices are in no way superior to what is found elsewhere.

just like Martin  Luther of the medieval church, Martin Lurher King, jr. of the United States of America, Rosa Park and Malcom X fought for the rights, right to vote and privileges of Black Americans, living in the United States of America…so did Obama for people who want to identify as different sexes, physically or psychologically…while moving away from what nature has created (queer) unlike those who prefer to stick with nature (cisgender).

You all have to forgive my trespass, as I have vacillated from a topic that’s seemingly religion focus to gender base issues.

Rather than view what this gentle able-bodied man has said from a biased myopic cell, I do think his assertion was particular and stems out of hundreds of conspiracies within the shores of this entity called Nigeria.

There are quite a large number of theories to explain universal happenstances around politics, psychology, philosophy and religion, inclusively. And one amazing misconception is the ability of men to distort theories in trying to understand the universe and the play that plague states, continents and supercontinents of the world. For example, in the academic field department A borrows a specific theory from department B and verse-versa to explain a particular phenomenon in an area where he or she is phenomenal.

One particular theory that has ensnared the thought of the larger public is “Conspiracy Theory”. While some nations have used this instrument for the betterment of their nations and their people, we Nigerian, have continuously used this fora (Conspiracy theory) as a tool for pouring emotions.

Just as this particular man has done in respect to the outcome of the US 2020 presidential election, people of other nations have done t same, when it is interest based and satisfies their conscience. Therefore, conspiracy theory differs across space, be it modern or pre-modern, as it allows manipulations to fit conviction.

What has preoccupied and clouded the thought of an average Nigerian is superstitiously supercilious, its all about Hegel dialectics, shamanism, metaphysics all kind of supernatural infatuations.

That we do not have motor-able roads does not puzzle the mind of a Nigerian,

That our universities are shut down doesn’t,

That graduates can’t find jobs,

That Kogites are drowning under water with economic potentials,

That Ogoni land has had its land degraded and exploited by oil companies,

That the Nigerian naira is gradually approaching worthlessness,

That economically, an American is worth 400 times a nigeian,

That Boko-Haram have continuously wreaked havoc in the North-east and Banditry is prevalent in the western part of that region (North-west),

Lastly, and not the least is the rampant arson in the North-central my rampaging herds.

Nigerians from all works of life seem not to want to move muscles to right the wrongs, even when our fellow country men and women live in make shift camps. It’s repugnant. We Move On…

Even with the versatility of knowledge, interest base policies that are sometimes self-serving, self-selective, in turn shape our collective world. From the stone to bronze age, iron to medieval age, slavery to feudal age, capitalism to the world of globalization…ideas hasn’t always dominated, the mercenaries of coercion has also been the game changer.

The politics of 21st century demand that nations are allowed the leisure of determining the centre of focus of it’s  policies, both domestic and others  foreign-and as such, conspiracies are not necessarily reliable as it has no actual source, however, it seasonally reveals the nature and shape of policies that comes out of countries of the world.

Like I have illustrated hereinbefore, conspiracy differs from regions of the world. Latin America, kept its fingers crossed while it awaited  Biden’s decision on the Trump wall, the issue of migration, cannabis, cocaine and treaties on farm produces from that axis. While spoilers such as the one i met this week are everywhere, what they do most is, tout and amplify stories that are clearly not true, and in most cases, this is what this people hold as truth. For those who are fascinated by the politics of Latin America, the conspiracies that will dominate that space includes, that; president elect, Joe Biden will allow illegal migrants from the caravan in particular and central America in general into the U.S. and this will give members of the M-19 group and affiliates a free pass. That Biden will bring back NAFTA since such new treaty, Trump renegotiated didn’t go through the rigorous processes of the congress.

This victory has already rekindle the hope of thousands of economic migrants.

American foreign policies in Asia is clearly country focus, isn’t sweeping as what is applicable in Latin America and Africa. How the USA interact with China is different from Thailand, kingdom of Saudi Arabia is different from Islamic Republic of Iran or Syria, North-Korea is different from the other part of Korea, India is different from Bangladesh or Pakistan, Israel is completely different from Palestinian. While Latin America has not benefited from America’s generosity, Europe at the other end is another home for Americans, ceteris paribus. Asian continent seem to be the focal area of American policy as it can do or undermine Americans at home or away. This begun when the United States of America moved its satellite from ‘War Against communism’ in Europe to ‘War Against terrorism’ in the middle east.

While social scientist reserves rights to opinions on the scientism of political science and other social science disciplines, a student of political science and contemporary politics in particular should be able to correctly predict Bidens’ foreign policies towards allies and adversaries in a borderless era of globalization.

I have never been a fan of globalization as it appears to be a new phase of colonialism (Neo-Colonialism) but the realities of 21st century have it that the current new world order is driven by globalization.

There was globalization pre Real Donald Trump, reality is that; there will be Globalization post RDT.

There were patriots (Nationalist/conservatives) pre-globalization and there will be patriots post globalization (Utopia)…Not Communism.

For reference  purpose,  President Joe Biden is a Roman catholic. 

Thank you. 

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